Firstgate® The Event Company

Firstgate is an event management company which aims to make every project unique and provide professional value added to each and every corporate company it cooperates with.

We concentrate upon corporate identities, work approaches, expectations and needs of our clients to find fitting solutions for them and achieve their expected goals along with our meticulous and hard work on every detail. We offer visual design and application solutions to our customers and carry out their events in the most consolidated manner to make them feel more secure.

Our company has adopted the total quality approach in its services and been awarded the ICR ISO-9001-2008 Quality Certificate.

" We are here to help you find efficient and purposive event solutions."

* Our company producing individual and focused solutions is a member of the FirstGroup family that offers a wide range of solutions and service including but not limited to graphics and design workshops, cinema and outdoor advertising, tourism and travel services, wedding ceremonies and feast organizations, information systems and internet technologies.


• To be not only a service provider but also a your strategic business partner,


• To be the number one Event and PR Company in Turkey,


• To be reliable, transparent and honest,

• To offer high-quality services providing value-added,

• To enhance our customers’ satisfaction with our each service

• To make maximum efforts to meticulously preserve the social and physical environment,

• To offer higher-quality services to our customers using the lower and variable cost method compared to our rivals in the market,

• To be among the most reputable companies before our customer through our services.


• To offer the most advanced concepts in the most complicated projects,

• To continuously improve our working methods, technology, efficiency and performance,

• No to evade any innovation to differentiate our services and enhance our competitive power,

• To encourage and put into practice team and group work at the highest level in all works carried out,

• To keep our customers’ satisfaction at the highest level,

• To be quality and customer driven.


We are further improving our quality management system to increase the level of our customers’ satisfaction in our services.

We stick to all standards published by ISO in our efforts to improve.

As Firstgate, we strive for being reliable, transparent and honest; offering high-quality services with value-added and enhancing our customers’ satisfaction with our each service.

We are determined to be a company which follows the Quality Management System Conditions and make maximum efforts to protect the social and physical environment in line with the provisions stipulated in the legislation.


As Firstgate, we try our utmost to protect the environment in all our services.

We are fully aware that a clean environment is a prerequisite for people’s health and happiness.

It is a part of our job to minimize potential factors leading to environmental damage in all our activities.

Below are the principles of our environment policy;

- To follow all environmental legislations, administrative arrangements and other regulations,

- To protect natural resources and use them in the most efficient way,

- To keep down all potential environmental impacts starting from the design process till the end of the life cycle,

- To use environment-friendly, easy-and-safe-to-use products,

- To try not to cause any environmental pollution,

- To carry out certain activities to raise and develop environmental awareness among our employees to reach our environmental goals